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The children and families we serve need you now more than ever! Because of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, we were unable to host our primary fundraiser, Bosses Bussing Tables. Although we anticipate a 2021 budget shortfall, the needs of our clients are greater than ever due to the pandemic and the economic downturn. We are seeing more and more food insecurity among the clients we serve.


We are launching the  JUST ONE BITE CAMPAIGN to remind our community of the immediacy of the current food insecurity crises. As children, our parents often told us we had to take at least just one bite of a food we didn’t like. For this campaign, video yourself taking JUST ONE BITE of a food you do not like. Post the video on your own Facebook, Twitter, or Instragam page using the hashtag #justonebite and #communityenabler. We will post these on Community Enabler’s Facebook page challenging others to create their own videos. When you post, help us combat food insecurity by making a contribution to Community Enabler through Facebook or using the give button below. 


Please consider participating in the JUST ONE BITE challenge. Together, we can fight food insecurity in our area and raise awareness. It will take all of us to get the challenge rolling and make our supporters aware of the desperate need.

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